Eatin’ in the ‘hood: Chick ‘n Joy

Last night, Ian and I walked over to Chick ‘n Joy to pick up some fried chicken.  Yep, fried chicken.  Just like KFC, but actually home-made.  And much better tasting (although, probably not much better for your health).

We had walked by Chick ‘n Joy for years, always thinking it looked a bit shady.  Or, maybe not shady, but not worth stopping for.  Then we read this article about Chick ‘n Joy on BlogTO, and thought we had to try it.  The writer is correct – the bright yellow gravy was a bit off-putting at first.  But it’s real (made with corn flour), and it tasted amazing.

Next time you have a hankerin’ (yep, I said hankerin’) for fried chicken, skip the KFC and go to Chick ‘n Joy instead.

2 thoughts on “Eatin’ in the ‘hood: Chick ‘n Joy”

  1. Oh Av – you have NOOOO idea how addicted Domagala is to the C’n’J. Like a starving pregnant woman type of cravings.

  2. actually, I DO know how addicted he is. We saw him the other night when he was walking home from work, and we were in the dog park. We started talking about local restos, and he mentioned the Chick ‘n Joy and how he goes ga-ga for it.

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