Easy Holiday Treat: Peppermint Bark

As a general rule, I don’t cook. I’m pretty useless in the kitchen, and as long as Ian keeps cooking for me, I don’t have to. But, I have been known to make a few things here and there, and at the holidays, I like to make peppermint bark.  Mostly because it’s really really easy, and ends up looking pretty impressive when it’s done.  Oh, and it tastes amazing too.

All you have to do is melt chocolate chips, pour them into a pan and let that cool in the fridge.  Then melt white chocolate chips, and pour those on top of the milk chocolate that has already cooled in the pan.  Smash up some candy canes, and sprinkle those on top.  Then put the whole thing in the fridge overnight, and break it into pieces the next day.  Could not be easier.

Here’s a full recipe with instructions.  There’s even a video.

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