Drake General Store Pop-Up Shop at The Bay


Last week Ian and I had to meet our insurance agent downtown (thrilling, I know), so we decided to do some shopping while we were in the area.  I remembered reading that there was a Drake General Store pop-up shop in the lower level of The Bay on Queen Street, so we had a look.  It’s fantastic, and fairly big, considering it’s kind of temporary (the retail clerk told me they’d be there through the summer, but then who knows). After debating with Ian about whether it was cool (good) or too hip (bad), I decided to go for it and picked up a Toronto Public Library t-shirt, and a funny book.  I also pointed out this iPhone alarm clock to Ian, as a note for future birthday present ideas.  It’s the same one I blogged about over a year ago, and I still like it.

[photo of the Drake General Store pop-up shop via Toronto Shopaholic Blog]

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