Design*Sponge’s “Living In”

Over at Design*Sponge (aka my favourite blog of all time), they have a regular section called “Living In”, where they take inspiration from a movie and list furniture and costumes that seem to fit the film.  Today they posted a “Living In” for The Parent Trap – that adorable old movie with Hayley Mills (NOT the remake with Lindsay Lohan).

I loved The Parent Trap when I was a kid – I watched it over and over.  I really identify with the blog writer – like her, my vision of summertime perfection is basically a grown-up version of the summer camp from that movie.  And, since I’m heading back out to the cottage tomorrow for another long weekend, I thought this was very fitting.

Oh, and for you boys out there that maybe missed out on The Parent Trap while growing up, you might prefer the “Living In” for Stand By Me.  Same type of childhood summertime childhood.

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