Designers I Admire: Blair

Before I became a print & web designer, I worked in the Toronto theatre industry.  When I tell people that, they usually say, “oh, that’s interesting” or “how did you make that transition?” or “what a unique career path”.  But I’m not alone!  There’s another theatre-administrator-turned-designer in town… Blair Francey of BFdesign.

Blair is a great designer.  Especially logos – he really excels at brand identity.  So I have a lot of respect for him, because creating logos is not my strong suit. And I admire Blair’s restraint in his designs – his layouts are always clean, simple, and elegant.

Blair is super-cool, fun to hang out with, generous with his advice, and he laughs at my stupid jokes.  So he’s a-okay in my books!

One thought on “Designers I Admire: Blair”

  1. Aw! Thanks so much! I certainly return the admiration. I look forward to future projects and laughing at more of your jokes (’cause they are funny!). 🙂

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