Design As A Gameshow?

Sagmeister Walsh gameshow

Adobe recently asked a bunch of creative types “to express what Adobe means to them through their work. We asked them to play, experiment, hack, make, socialize, datafy, dimensionalize, illustrate, and mashup our logo any way they see fit as part of the Adobe logo remix.”

They called it the AdobeRemix Project, and posted the results on Behance (which is an Adobe product, of course).

That’s all fine and good, but the interesting part is how design agency Sagmeister & Walsh participated. Instead of submitting artwork, they decided to turn the challenge into a game – literally. Sagmeister and Walsh face off against each other on a gameshow, complete with cheesy host, judges, and ridiculous contraints. You can watch it all online.

I love these two and how they bring elements of play and fun to their work. Don’t they seem like they’re having the best time?

PS – Did you follow along with Jessica Walsh’s 40 Days of Dating project (with Timothy Goodman)? I was totally engrossed. It’s being made into a book. And a movie.

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