Welcome Back!

Hey readers, welcome back after the holiday break.  I hope you devoured good food and wine, put your feet up, and relaxed a bit!

I had a lovely break, spending a few days with family, and then Ian and I went on a little adventure to Chicago for 4 nights.  We went a little nuts shopping – the deals were insane!  I’ve found it really difficult to get good-looking maternity clothes in Canada, so when I hit Gap Maternity, I took home half the store (or so it feels like).  Ian scored some great finds, including a gorgeous jacket at Banana Republic that makes him look like Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock, and an All-Clad frying pan at Marshall’s that was clearance priced (it was interesting trying to explain that one to the customs officer).

Now it’s 2011, and time to get back to work.  The Kitchen Reno Adventure starts today, so I’m staying in the suburbs with my parents for a few weeks while the worst of the renovation is completed.  I have an ultrasound tomorrow, and we’re super excited to see the kidlet again.  It’s hard to believe that the baby will be here in just a few months (due date is April 20). I better get some more work done…

[above image is of us in front of Cloud Gate in Millennium Park, Chicago]

Ordering Cabinets…

The plans for our kitchen renovation are well underway.  This morning I’m heading to Ikea with our designer to order the cabinets.  We’re going with black lower cabinets and white uppers, since we have black appliances.  That picture above is from the Ikea website, so of course it’s not what our kitchen is going to look like – but it’s the same black cabinets we’re ordering.

The reno won’t start until January, but we’re ordering cabinets now to take advantage of Ikea’s “15% back in gift cards” deal that expires at the end of the month.  Ian and I will get a few hundred bucks in Ikea gift cards, which we can use for furnishings for the baby’s room and random stuff around the house.  It’s such a good deal!

My New Table

Our plans for the kitchen renovation are well underway.  We have our cabinets and tile picked out for the back-splash and floors, and are now making all the other decisions.  We’re quite excited to get started on the reno in January, and it should all be done in 5-6 weeks.  If only I could just snap my fingers and have it done immediately… sigh.

The new design calls for a new kitchen table, and I am pumped for the one we picked out this weekend.  I’ve always wanted an Eeno Sarrinen-designed pedestal/tulip table, with a marble top.  But they’re tres expensive.  So when our designer said she found a good reproduction for a fraction of the cost at GH Johnson, I flipped. Who knew a table would thrill me so much?  It’s probably a bit warped, but whatever… I’m so excited for my new table.