Blogs I Like: Hither and Thither

I found the blog Hither and Thither through Cup of Jo, and immediately added it to my Google Reader (where I keep track of the blogs I follow via RSS feed).

Hither and Thither is the blog of Ashley and Aron, a young professional married couple in Manhattan.  They’re expecting a baby, they like cool design, and they love to travel.  Sounds kind of like Ian and me, non?  I think of them as a cooler version of us.

One of my favourite parts of their blog is their travelogue section, where they write long, journal-like entries about trips they’ve taken.  And they have taken a LOT of trips (India, Croatia, Ireland, Costa Rica, Italy, and all over the States).  I love to read their travelogues for inspiration.  Just last week I read their Montreal travelogue for last-minute ideas for our trip this past weekend (photos to come soon, I promise).

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  1. Thank you Ashley. I really do love your blog. Especially now that we have a daughter (she’s 14 months) – we love to follow your adventures with Hudson! Best of luck with your move.

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