Beach Dreaming: Postcard Inn

You know how sometimes you read about something, and then you keep seeing it over and over again, in weird places?  And after a few references to it, you almost think someone’s trying to tell you something?  That happened to me with The Spotted Pig restaurant in NYC’s West Village before our trip back in March, so I insisted we go.  And it was one of the most memorable meals I’ve ever had!

Similarly, I keep hearing about the Postcard Inn lately.  It seems a lot like the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, except it’s in St Pete Beach, Florida (an area I know very well – it’s right next to Clearwater Beach, where I was born, basically raised, and where I had my beach wedding).  The Postcard Inn looks fresh and hip, and their website is really captivating.

I know, I know… I just took a holiday.  But I bet in mid-January, the Postcard Inn is going to look even more appealing.  Not convinced?  Watch this uber-hip promo video featuring Pheonix:

Welcome to Postcard Inn from Postcard Inn on Vimeo.

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