Attractive, affordable backpacks and totes for carrying a laptop

Whenever I’m at tech or media events, I’m always checking out people’s bags. Finding attractive, affordable backpacks or totes for carrying your laptop (or other tech gear) is hard! I’m always on the lookout for stylish, hardworking bags.

In Toronto, the startup worker’s brand of choice seems to be Herschel. Their backpacks are reasonably priced, but are a bit too trendy and casual for me. I prefer the backpacks and totes by Everlane (this one is my current go-to) or Montreal-based vegan leather brand Matt & Nat. I have two Bookhou totes (this one was my all-time fav, and I have this one in rotation as well).

The bag I’m now coveting is a bit of a splurge… maybe I’ll put it on my Christmas list. It’s this leather handbag by Edmonton boutique Poppy Barley. The website says it’s big enough to carry a 13″ or 15″ laptop, so it seems beautiful and practical. Only question is – should I get it in caramel or grey?

Photos: Matt & Nat backpack (top left), Poppy Barley handbag (top right), Bookhou tote (bottom left), Everlane backpack (bottom right)

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