All The Daily Deal Emails In One

Do you subscribe to any daily deal emails (like Groupon, Living Social, Wagjag, FabFind, etc)?  If you subscribe to more than one, do you feel like you’re inundated with emails every day?

A couple of months ago, I was receiving around 10 daily deal emails every morning, and I got sick of how they were clogging my inbox.  So I unsubscribed from all of them, and signed up for JUST ONE daily email from OneSpoutOneSpout indexes all of the daily deals in your area, and sends one (sometimes long) email with all the deals.  Then you can read them all at once, or just delete it.  Love it.

Warning though – once you get all those deals every day, you might become addicted to them like I am.  I’ve purchased deals for spas, restaurants, interior room painting, duct cleaning, landscaping… it goes on and on. I guess I’m a real sucker for a good deal.

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