A Great Mother’s Day Idea


I’m always jealous of the different “… of the month” clubs there are in the States.  You can get wine, beer, coffee, makeup, etc delivered to you each month.  There aren’t many clubs like those in Canada, but Toronto-based Steeped and Infused tea company is changing that!

Steeped and Infused has just launched a “Tea of the Month” club, with 3 different sizes (and price points).  Each month you’ll get two types of loose leaf teas mailed to you, in either a sample size (15 grams), an “enjoyment size” (25 grams) or the “indulgence size” (75 grams).  You can sign up for a 6-month of 12-month package.What a great gift idea for Mother’s Day (coming up Sunday May 12).

[tea image via Steeped and Infused]

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