5 Minute Cake Pops

Apparently cake pops are the hot thing right now (I guess cupcakes aren’t anymore? I can’t keep up).  I love this idea from Aubrey and Lindsay’s Little House blog – instead of making cake pops from scratch, put a timbit on a stick and dip it in icing.  I’d want to start with a plain timbit so you don’t mix the glaze from the donut with the icing (that’s too much sugar for me).

Excellent idea, don’t you think?

[photo via Aubrey + Lindsay’s Little House Blog]

3 thoughts on “5 Minute Cake Pops”

  1. Such a great idea!!! And here I thought I was finally catching up by getting a mini-cupcake pan… gotta stay on top of all this cake decorating stuff. So going to try this.

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