365 Things in 365 Days

I kind of love this.  East-end artists/couple John and Laura (of Labspace) have made a list of 365 things they’ve always wanted to do, and they’re going to (hopefully) complete them over the next 365 days.  Some things on their list are simple (watch Bonnie & Clyde), funny (have a spaghetti fight), odd (stalk a stranger), practical (make side shelves for the bedroom), crazy (GT/sled behind a motorized vehicle), banal (trim my nose hairs), romantic (kiss on a bridge at sunset) and adventurous (visit Machu Picchu).

Follow along on the website they created to document the process.  It will be interesting to check in after a few months have gone by, and see how they’re doing.

2 thoughts on “365 Things in 365 Days”

  1. awesome! I’ll have to check in and see how you’re doing on the site. Glad to hear it’s still going!

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