What Were You Doing This Time Last Year?

30 October 2012 | 0 Comments

I downloaded this fun (and free) little app to my iPhone called Timehop.  You sync it to your various social media accounts (I did Facebook and Twitter), and it tells you what you were doing one year ago today (and two years ago, three years ago, depending on how long you’ve been sharing info online).

Of course, this is a pretty self-involved, narcissistic thing to do.  But I tend to forget a lot of small stuff, and this is a lovely reminder.  Like a tweet I wrote a year ago today: “Took the baby and the dog for a nature walk in the off-leash area of Sherwood Park. Gorgeous day!”  I forgot all about that – we had never been to Sherwood Park, and it was a great afternoon.  Also, check out that picture of Clara I took a year ago.  Such a little babe!

Timehop, I approve!

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