Something Important I’m Doing This Morning

7 June 2012 | 0 Comments

Something important I’m doing this morning… changing my internet passwords.  And I recommend you do too.  You have probably heard about the big password leak at LinkedIn, so you most definitely are going to want to change your LinkedIn password.  You can go one step further, and check to see if your password was one of the ones leaked, by clicking here (yes, this is safe to d0).  Turns out, mine was one of the ones leaked, and supposedly it’s already been cracked (according to that LeakedIn site).  Apparently LinkedIn is going to send out emails to everyone compromised, and I’ve yet to receive that email.

But anyway, even if you aren’t on LinkedIn, this can be a good reminder to change your passwords regularly.  Especially if you are like me (and like most people, I suspect), and you use the same password for a bunch of different websites.  Change ’em all.  And ideally, have a different password for different sites.  Which is going to be difficult to manage, so I’m looking into password managers.

Regularly changing your passwords is as important as regularly backing up your files.  I know it’s not fun or sexy, but it’s essential.

[photo of Clara discovering my laptop at 9 months old]

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