Lovin’ Little Peeps

16 May 2011 | 0 Comments

When the weather was so lovely last week, I put Clara in her stroller and took lots of walks around the ‘hood.  On Thursday we strolled to Little Peeps, a kids’ store on Queen (between Broadview and Logan).  Little Peeps carries Skip*Hop products, which I love, so I wanted to see if they had a Skip*Hop playmat.  While in the shop, I struck up a great conversation with owner Alyssa Dahl about design.  She used to be an industrial designer and has great taste, which is evident by the well-curated merchandise she’s chosen to stock her shop with.

Knowing there’s a kids’ shop in the neighbourhood with cool products is great.  But what really makes it amazing is the service – Alyssa is so friendly and helpful. Little Peeps is now my go-to place for baby gear.

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