Looking Back on 2016

28 December 2016 | 1 Comment

When I wrote my 2015 Year in Review post a year ago, I was in a great place so it was easy to hammer that one out. This year? Not so much. I thought about writing a large Year in Review post this week, but honestly my heart’s just not in it.

Let’s just be real. 2016 was hard. For everyone, it seems. It’s been a difficult year around the world, and a lot of what made 2016 crappy shows no sign of getting better in 2017. I’m usually an optimist, but when it comes to some of the shit going down in the world, I honestly believe it will likely get worse. Makes you want to crawl back to bed and pull the duvet over your head, huh?

Closer to home, 2016 was a year of ups and downs. There were many high highs (amazing travel! Television appearances! Organizing and hosting the second Gather North conference! Landing major web clients! Writing for Chatelaine and the Globe and Mail! Clara not hating senior kindergarten! Launching new websites I designed! Hosting the industry panel at the Podcast Festival!) and a few really low lows (surgery for me, unexpected changes at Camp Tech, extended gruesome jury duty for Ian). I guess that’s just life though – the good and the bad, all mixed in together. Often in the same day.

Ian and I have been watching The Crown on Netflix, which is as much about Winston Churchill as it is about Queen Elizabeth. Ian loves Churchill (he spent most of his master’s degree reading and writing about him) and recently I can understand why. We’re still in the thick of the ups and downs, and there’s nothing for us to do but keep going. We’ll be fine. As Churchill said, “We must just KBO.” So we do, and we will be fine.

In 2016, my “word of the year” was amplify. For 2017, I’ve chosen sustain. Sustain the plans I’ve already put in motion, sustain my business and my colleagues, sustain my family and myself. Hold up, nourish, steady, stay the course. I think Churchill would approve.

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