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4 April 2011 | 0 Comments

About half the items in my home are from Ikea.  I can’t help myself – their pieces offer such good value.  But as much as I love my desks and dressers and various things, I don’t want it to feel like I live in an Ikea showroom.  I’m always trying to mix it up, and integrate the Ikea pieces in with the other stuff in my home.

Enter Livet Hemma, a Swedish blog by Ikea, that roughly translates to “Life at Home” in English.  Open the site in Google Chrome and it will translate it for you.  The blog is all about showing Ikea products in real homes, and has some inspiring ideas. [via Decor8]

And do you know about Ikea Hacker?  It’s a blog which features Ikea products, used in new and unexpected ways.  I love this post about re-purposing spice racks into children’s bookshelves (pictured above) – I think I’ll do this in Clara’s room.

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