I Really Wish I Had a Backyard Studio

16 April 2012 | 0 Comments

Pros of working from home: no commute, no office rental fees, comfy clothes (I will neither confirm nor deny occasionally working in pyjamas).

Cons of working from home: Clara’s getting molars, so she’s a teething monster.  She cries and fusses a lot lately, and it’s really hard to work through it (I’m not abandoning her, she has a nanny).

My pipe-dream solution: a backyard studio.  Of course, this is a total pipe-dream, since my backyard is about 150 square feet.  And there are some practical issues of heating and electricity.  But if we’re just dreaming here… wouldn’t the “Tetra Shed” pictured above be awesome?  More details here.

[via archdaily]

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