Great Daytrip Idea: High Park

17 July 2012 | 1 Comment

Okay, here’s something really embarrassing to admit.  I’ve lived in Toronto for 13 years, and have never been to High Park.  Yep, even when I worked in the theatre industry, I never even went to see the Dream in High Park (outdoor Shakespeare performance each summer).  Crazy, huh?

This past Saturday, I decided to change that.  We had a whole day with no plans, so I suggested High Park to Ian, who had also never been.  We packed up the car with a picnic lunch and hit the road. (You can totally get to High Park on the subway, but with all the stuff we had to haul for Clara, we decided to drive.  And there’s ample free parking in the park.)

It was great!  Did you know there’s a zoo in the park?  Clara loved looking at the animals, especially the llamas and baby wallaby (pictured above).  We walked around, had our picnic, and then went to check out the newly rebuilt Jamie Bell Adventure Playground.

We had to head home for Clara’s nap, but maybe one evening Ian and I will return for a theatre date night.  The production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream that’s running this summer is supposed to be fantastic.  And I’d like to check out the children’s garden and Colborne Lodge sometime.

If you’re thinking of going, here’s a great map of the park.  An excellent way to spend a day in the city.

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