Clara’s First Camping Trip

15 June 2015 | 0 Comments







Before Clara was born, Ian and I went camping a few times each summer. We really missed it, and now that Clara is 4 years old, we figured it was time to go as a family.  So this past Friday, we packed our car to the max and headed for Pinery Provincial Park for a couple nights under the stars (or more accurately, a couple nights on an air mattress inside a huge tent – don’t judge).

Despite nasty weather (overcast and cold), Clara LOVED camping. Playing in the tent, cooking outside, building a campfire… even filling a bucket from the water tap was fascinating to her. She is a city kid after all, so camping was quite the novelty! Of course it wouldn’t be a camping trip without s’mores, which Clara called “outside sandwiches”. I told her it was like a sandwich with a special cookie cracker, marshmallow and chocolate, and you eat it outside… so “outside sandwich” it was!

Pinery is a gorgeous park with lots of hiking and biking trails, and beautiful beaches (including fresh water sand dunes that reminded me of the East Coast). It’s too bad that the weather was so gross. Overall, we think the weekend was a success, and can’t wait to go camping again in July.

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