Brooklyn Fave: Der Schwarze Koelner Biergarten

22 September 2011 | 0 Comments


Der Schwarze Koelner Biergarten is a… wait for it… German beer hall.  Yep, bet you could have guessed that one. Ian, the beer enthusiast, loves their selection of hard-to-find German beers. I love their brezels – soft German pretzels, served with mustard or cheese.

But without a doubt, the reason why we both love Der Schwarze Koelner the most is because of their “beer and babies” playgroup. On Thursday afternoons, before the bar opens to the general public, they push back all the tables, set up some playmats and toys, and encourage parents to bring their tots for playtime and a drink. I’ve been to this sort of thing before in Toronto, where you can have a coffee or tea while your little ones play. But a baby playgroup in a bar? Where you can drink amazing beer while your kids play?  BEST IDEA EVER.

The “beer and babies” playgroup is called Stutengarten Brooklyn, and they have a Facebook page here. We’ll be heading over there this afternoon!

[images of Der Schwarze Koelner taken by me on my iPhone, and stitched together using PicStitch.  That’s Clara at Stutengarten Brooklyn, playing with a crinkly-book toy.  Don’t you love her argyle pants and socks?]

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