Adorable Stuff for Kids: Cate & Levi

24 July 2012 | 2 Comments

Clara used to wear the most adorable little hat, handmade by Toronto company Cate and Levi.  When we were in New York last year, people literally stopped us on the street and asked where we got it (that’s a picture of us on the Highline, above, with Clara in her hat).

Unfortunately, the hat is too small for her now.  But that’s not stopping me from checking out the other stuff on Cate and Levi’s website.  Like the “peek-a-boo” puppets (don’t you love this bunny one?) and winter mittens.  Next time you need a baby gift, consider Cate and Levi – they’re great!

2 Responses on “Adorable Stuff for Kids: Cate & Levi”

  1. Josh Title says:

    Cute pic!
    Soon will be ready for one of our winter hats!

  2. avery says:

    Thanks Josh! We LOVE your work. Seriously, we were stopped on the street in New York by people begging to know where we got the pink elephant hat. And the winter hats are adorable – we’ll definitely make an order.

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