Adios Amigos!

2 March 2012 | 0 Comments

I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to get everything together for our first baby-free holiday!  I meant to write this earlier today, and here it is, 6:45pm.  Sigh.  It will all be worth it on Monday, when Ian and I get on a plane to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for a week of relaxation, just the two of us.  We leave Toronto tomorrow to drive up north and drop Clara off at her grandparents’ place.

I have mixed feelings about being away from Clara for a whole week.  I know I’m going to miss her terribly, but I am also really looking forward to a break. And it’s good for her to spend the time with her grandparents.  Not to mention how good it’s going to be for Ian and me to get away.  I’m sure after a couple of margaritas on the beach, I’ll get over it.  =)

Have a wonderful week, whatever you’re up to. I’ll be back online for a quick update on Friday March 16.  Hasta luego, amigos!

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