A Super Cute Idea for Kids’ Valentine’s Day Cards

16 January 2014 | 2 Comments


I know, Valentine’s Day is a month away.  But all the junk is in the stores now, and I snatched up a pack of Thomas the Tank Engine paper valentine cards for Clara to give to her little friends, because they all go ape shit for Thomas the Tank Engine.

While that’s fine for the 3-year old set, I’d far prefer giving out these “Little Love Notes” from Tattly. Each one comes with a notecard, a sticker and a temporary tattoo. Sweet AND stylish. Love it.

Little Love Notes at Tattly, $20 for 8.  They’ll ship to Canada for just $2!

2 Responses on “A Super Cute Idea for Kids’ Valentine’s Day Cards”

  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the website, it’s a great idea (I’ll try and remember it for when my son is a little older). In meantime, where did you find Thomas Valentines? I live in the Toronto area and haven’t been able to find them anywhere!

  2. avery says:

    Hey Sarah- believe it or not, I got the Thomas valentines at Shoppers!


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