Working in Coffee Shops with Friends

19 August 2014 | 2 Comments


I’ve been feeling unmotivated at work lately, and have been procrastinating and slacking off. I think it’s end-of-summer malaise. To shake things up a bit, I wrote to a couple of friends who also work from home, and asked if they’d like to meet up in coffee shops and work there instead. The change of scenery is great, and casually co-working with friends is fun. Today we’re at Brickyard Grounds in Leslieville (pictured above).



2 Responses on “Working in Coffee Shops with Friends”

  1. Mike says:

    Love this idea, Avery! I do it myself, from time to time. I always feel more connected when I do.

  2. avery says:

    You should join us sometime!

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