What I Ended Up Doing With the Wall in My Office

29 September 2013 | 4 Comments


Thanks for all your suggestions for what to do with the wall in my office. Lots of people said chalkboard wall or whiteboard.  I already have a whiteboard by my desk, and whiteboard paint is expensive (apparently the only one worth getting is IdeaPaint, and it’s not cheap).  I almost painted a framed piece of plywood with chalkboard paint (in order to hang it on the wall), but in the end, decided to paint a strip of chalkboard from the floor to the ceiling, so Clara can use it too.

I primed the area first, and then applied 4-5 coats of Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint. Left it for 48 hours to cure, and then rubbed it down with white chalk to prep it (a bunch of DIY websites said to do that). Clara and I tried it out this afternoon, and it’s fantastic!

I might eventually add moulding or framing to the wall to give it a clear line… or I might just leave it as-is. I kind of like the DIY look. And when I’m sick of it (which will definitely happen at some point), I’ll just paint over it.


4 Responses on “What I Ended Up Doing With the Wall in My Office”

  1. Carol says:

    That looks great! I think you should leave Little C’s artwork on the board for your meetings – very inspiring!

  2. I recommend finding an old desk and surfacing it with this type of paint.
    very nice looking and functional decoration for the kitchen.

    Also all of the products in the Smart Graffiti range comply with both CHIP & REACH legislation.

  3. avery says:

    Great idea!


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