Searching for Bedding

25 October 2010 | 2 Comments

Ian and I finally upgraded to a Queen size bed in our room, after 5 years of sleeping in a double!  With the dog at our feet and a baby on the way, we figured it was finally time for a bigger bed.  We got a good mattress on sale at Costco, and after lots of deliberation, bought the Lillesand bed (headboard, footboard and bed frame) at Ikea.  It wasn’t my first pick, but the price was right.

Now I’m on the search for the perfect duvet cover.  Most of the furniture in our room is white, and with a black bed, I’d like something graphic that ties in black, white, and maybe some other colour. I’m really digging this Dwell Studio duvet cover at Target, but Target doesn’t ship to Canada.  There are services that can forward packages to you across the border, so it might be worth it if I can’t find something else I like in town.

Once the duvet cover is chosen, then it’s time to choose a paint colour for the walls (right now they’re a hideous bright blue.  Other people say they like it, but I can’t stand it.)  More on that later…

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