The Best Christmas Gift I Gave Clara This Year

27 December 2015 | 0 Comments


Clara, age 4.5, received a few great Christmas presents this year. But the one I was most excited about is Buck, her Toymail toy. Buck looks like a cartoon deer crossed with a mailbox, and she connects to WiFi and “delivers mail” (aka voice messages) to Clara from family members who have the Toymail app installed on their phones (and are approved by me, of course… no strangers can send Clara messages).

Buck only has two buttons – one to receive messages, and one to reply to messages, so she’s really easy to use. I installed the free Toymail app on my phone, Ian’s phone, my Dad’s phone, and my sister’s phone. Everyone loves sending Clara messages. Buck checks for messages throughout the day, and makes a sound when she has a message. Clara can respond by pressing a button to record a reply message, and it’s sent out for her. She loves sending messages to her family.

Toymail was made by two female entrepreneurs who wanted to create cool technology for kids that doesn’t put them in front of another screen. This family totally approves!

(I got Buck at the AGO store where I get a discount by being a gallery member, but you can get one on the Toymail website or Amazon if you want). 

2015 Year in Review

23 December 2015 | 9 Comments


I’ve enjoyed reading a few of my colleague’s “year in review” blog posts recently, so I decided to spend a rare quiet afternoon writing my own. It’s a great exercise for reflection, before setting new year goals (a process I’ve resisted for a long time, but now I see the value in it). Note – this is fairly long and navel-gazing and all me-me-me. If that makes you want to barf, don’t click “read more” below. Consider yourself warned.

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Brick Works’ Winter Village Beats the Distillery

20 December 2015 | 0 Comments






The Winter Village at the Brick Works has all the good stuff of the Distillery Christmas market (lovely holiday ambiance, great food, spiked holiday drinks, artisan shopping, fires to warm up by, live music) without any of the nonsense (insane parking, admission fee, massive crowds, gross sponsored areas). We went to the Brick Works this afternoon and loved it. Ian and Clara had JK Frites and I had this kooky “chimney” thing with cinnamon, sugar, dough and apple pie topping. Mmmmmm.

Insider Toronto tip – skip the Distillery. Head to the Brick Works instead.


Gift Idea for Nerds

3 December 2015 | 0 Comments


The “mountie” laptop clip allows you to clip a phone or tablet to your laptop for multi-screen viewing. It is completely unnecessary. But I know a bunch of people who would probably want one.

Finally – An Affordable Standing Desk Option

23 November 2015 | 1 Comment



I’ve read all the same articles as the rest of you, heralding the benefits of standing while you work (or at least mixing it up a bit). I’m totally in… except standing desks are expensive and really really ugly.

Enter Levit8, a simple folding (and super portable) laptop stand. There are 10 days left on the Kickstarter, and the product will ship in January. I backed it. Will you?

Like Everyone Else on the Internet, We’re Watching…

13 November 2015 | 0 Comments


Master of None, the Aziz Ansari show on Netflix. It’s so great. Ian thinks it’s the new Seinfeld.

Have you seen it? Did you enjoy?

Get Your Holiday Cards Addressed for Free. Seriously.

23 October 2015 | 0 Comments


You know I love me some personalized holiday cards. And I usually order them crazy early, because there are great sales on, and it’s one more thing to tick off my to-do list. So yes, even though Halloween hasn’t happened yet, I just ordered my holiday cards from Minted.

My favourite thing about Minted‘s cards this year is their FREE recipient addressing. They’ll print the names and addresses on the envelopes for you. That’s another thing to tick off your to-do list. Fantastic.

[this post is in partnership with Minted, a company I’ve loved for years]


Sahajan: Organic, Ayurvedic Beauty Products

13 September 2015 | 0 Comments


I’m so excited to share my friend Lisa’s new skin and haircare products with you. She just launched Sahajan – a line of products that are natural, organic, and formulated by Ayurvedic principles. I’ve been using the eye cream for the past week, and it’s pretty great. Not greasy, smells amazing, and really moisturizing. I’m a fan! I can’t wait to use the hair oil, body oil and face serum on my dry Canadian skin this winter. Check out all of Sahajan’s products here.

Clara’s First Day of Kindergarten

8 September 2015 | 0 Comments


Big day today!

New Marc Johns Drawings Are Delightful

14 August 2015 | 0 Comments


I’m loving these new drawings by Marc Johns. There are a few originals still available for purchase, but my favourite (the one on the left that says You’ll Figure it Out) is only available in a print.  Ordered.

PS – my favourite Marc Johns piece.