Brick Works’ Winter Village Beats the Distillery

20 December 2015 | 0 Comments






The Winter Village at the Brick Works has all the good stuff of the Distillery Christmas market (lovely holiday ambiance, great food, spiked holiday drinks, artisan shopping, fires to warm up by, live music) without any of the nonsense (insane parking, admission fee, massive crowds, gross sponsored areas). We went to the Brick Works this afternoon and loved it. Ian and Clara had JK Frites and I had this kooky “chimney” thing with cinnamon, sugar, dough and apple pie topping. Mmmmmm.

Insider Toronto tip – skip the Distillery. Head to the Brick Works instead.


Gift Idea for Nerds

3 December 2015 | 0 Comments


The “mountie” laptop clip allows you to clip a phone or tablet to your laptop for multi-screen viewing. It is completely unnecessary. But I know a bunch of people who would probably want one.

Finally – An Affordable Standing Desk Option

23 November 2015 | 1 Comment



I’ve read all the same articles as the rest of you, heralding the benefits of standing while you work (or at least mixing it up a bit). I’m totally in… except standing desks are expensive and really really ugly.

Enter Levit8, a simple folding (and super portable) laptop stand. There are 10 days left on the Kickstarter, and the product will ship in January. I backed it. Will you?

Like Everyone Else on the Internet, We’re Watching…

13 November 2015 | 0 Comments


Master of None, the Aziz Ansari show on Netflix. It’s so great. Ian thinks it’s the new Seinfeld.

Have you seen it? Did you enjoy?

Get Your Holiday Cards Addressed for Free. Seriously.

23 October 2015 | 0 Comments


You know I love me some personalized holiday cards. And I usually order them crazy early, because there are great sales on, and it’s one more thing to tick off my to-do list. So yes, even though Halloween hasn’t happened yet, I just ordered my holiday cards from Minted.

My favourite thing about Minted‘s cards this year is their FREE recipient addressing. They’ll print the names and addresses on the envelopes for you. That’s another thing to tick off your to-do list. Fantastic.

[this post is in partnership with Minted, a company I’ve loved for years]


Sahajan: Organic, Ayurvedic Beauty Products

13 September 2015 | 0 Comments


I’m so excited to share my friend Lisa’s new skin and haircare products with you. She just launched Sahajan – a line of products that are natural, organic, and formulated by Ayurvedic principles. I’ve been using the eye cream for the past week, and it’s pretty great. Not greasy, smells amazing, and really moisturizing. I’m a fan! I can’t wait to use the hair oil, body oil and face serum on my dry Canadian skin this winter. Check out all of Sahajan’s products here.

Clara’s First Day of Kindergarten

8 September 2015 | 0 Comments


Big day today!

New Marc Johns Drawings Are Delightful

14 August 2015 | 0 Comments


I’m loving these new drawings by Marc Johns. There are a few originals still available for purchase, but my favourite (the one on the left that says You’ll Figure it Out) is only available in a print.  Ordered.

PS – my favourite Marc Johns piece.

A Few Thoughts On City Living

7 August 2015 | 4 Comments


Early yesterday evening, our regular UPS guy knocked on the door next to mine. I heard it loud and clear, because our house is a semi (meaning it’s attached to the house next door), and every knock on their door sounds like a knock on our door. I said hello to the delivery guy, and told him I’d inform the neighbour they had a package on their front stoop. I then headed upstairs to my office, stuck my head out the window, and hollered at my neighbour (who was entertaining guests on her back porch) that she had a box to collect at her front door. I didn’t think twice about the privacy issues… it’s always seemed like their business is our business, and vice versa. We can hear them through the shared wall in our house, and are often aware of their comings and goings, but it’s a peaceful co-existence.

I thought about my lovely cousin, who lives in the country with her small children, and how there are metres and metres of space (if not acres) between them and their neighbours. They would probably have no idea if the UPS guy left a package on their neighbour’s front stoop.  When my cousin and her daughters came for a sleepover in the city earlier in the summer, my cousin’s eldest daughter told Clara that she had a forest in her backyard, and couldn’t believe how small our backyard was. It was so sweet! Clara, being the ultimate city kid, had no idea what she was talking about.

A friend recently shared something on Facebook about city living vs suburban living (this friend is moving to the ‘burbs soon). The post talked about which is “better”… living in the city, or living in the suburbs. As if there’s a right answer for everyone!

My family moved around a fair bit when I was growing up. We had 5 major moves before I was 13 years old (including moving from the States to Canada). I guess because of that, or because I’m a fairly practical person, I feel like I could make a home anywhere.  I find the choices people make, and the variety of options to be fascinating.

We’ve seen a lot of friends decamp from the city for the ‘burbs or for the country, and I don’t think anyone has made a *wrong* decision. It’s just different. More than once we’ve thought about “cashing out” of Toronto’s insane real estate market and heading for the hills. But ultimately, I don’t think it would be right for me, for many reasons. It’s right for a lot of people, but not for me. So we stay. For now. For a while.

I do love hearing stories of how people live in various ways though. Have you seen the Motherhood Around the World series on the Cup of Jo blog? It’s so fantastic to read about all the wonderful and diverse ways there are to make a home and raise a family.

[photo above of my city backyard, so you can see how close the neighbours are. It’s tiny, but I really love it.]



Which One of These Jaw-Dropping Vacation Rentals Would You Choose?

12 July 2015 | 2 Comments



You know I love to troll Airbnb for unique vacation rental properties. Check out these two I recently stumbled upon… a breathtaking modern ski chalet in Golden, British Columbia and a private island (that’s not insanely priced!) in Belize.  Which one would you choose?

(not that you have to choose between them at all… it’s just a fun game to play)