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10 January 2012 | 2 Comments

A lucky friend of mine received an iPad for Christmas, and I promised I would share a list of my favourite apps for watching videos with her.  And then I thought, why don’t I share my list with all of you?  So here goes.  Note – there are probably a bunch of apps that I’m not aware of, or not using.  So if you see something missing from my list, please share!  Oh, and these are apps that we can get and run in Canada.  I know there’s a VLC player app, but we can’t get it here (for some weird reason).  No Hulu, PBS, Comcast, or Cablevision either.

Apps that provide you with content:

Netflix (free app; content requires a subscription). When Netflix first launched in Canada, it got a bad rap for having inferior content.  But they’ve improved – adding lots of new stuff.  I like the documentaries and TV shows, and Clara likes Sesame Street.  The quality is good and streams fast.  Well worth the small monthly fee.

BBC iPlayer Global (free app; some free content, some paid content). BBC iPlayer finally launched in Canada (yay!). The subscription/paid section is worth it for Sherlock alone.

CBC TV (free). You know, for when you just must catch up on Corrie Street.  Or Republic of Doyle.

CTV for iPad (free).  Same thing as the CBC app – you can watch CTV shows.  Not all the shows from the network are available though.

TEDTalks (free). If you have an extra few minutes, watch a TEDtalk. I’ve never found one I didn’t like.

Apps for watching your own video content:

CineXPlayer ($3.99). Since VLC player isn’t available in Canada (I know, right?), I use CineXPlayer.  It’s a simple app for playing Xvid files on your iPad (you know, the ones that you can’t add in iTunes). Sync up your video collection, and you’re golden. Note – it stores the files on your iPad’s hard drive, so you might hit your storage limit fast.  Easy to take files on and off though.

AirVideo ($2.99). AirVideo streams video content from your computer, directly to your iPad.  It supports AVI, DivX, MKV file formats, converting them and streaming over your network quickly. I love AirVideo because it doesn’t chew up my iPad’s storage space, like CineXPlayer does. Supposedly you can stream online, even when you’re away from your local network. I haven’t tried that yet – I figure if I’m going away (on holiday or something), I’d load up videos using CineXPlayer.  But when I’m at home, and I just want to stream to my couch, AirVideo is great.




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  1. Carol says:

    Hey, my ears were ringing! Thanks Avery!

  2. Avery says:

    I promised I’d make you a list! =)

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