City Love: Corktown Commons Park

12 July 2013 | 0 Comments





The weather forecast for this weekend looks fantastic, so here’s a suggestion – go visit Corktown Commons Park.  It’s an 18 acre park at the intersection of the Gardiner and the DVP, in the West Don Lands development.  It features a marsh boardwalk, lots of green space, gorgeous views of the city (and a million construction cranes) and one of the coolest kid’s slides and splash pads I’ve seen this side of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

We took Clara last weekend, and seriously loved it.  Those are pictures from our visit, above.  Tip: you can’t park super close to the play area (you have to park on one of the side streets nearby), so you might want to bring a stroller if your kid gets fussy walking too far.  Also, check out the Underpass Park, right next to Corktown Commons.  We parked near the Underpass Park, played there for a few minutes, and then moved on to Corktown Commons.

Corktown Commons Park is only open temporarily – it will close around Labour Day for more construction.  So go!

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