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Design is A Job / F*ck You, Pay Me

16 May 2012 | 0 Comments

The fabulous Mike Monteiro has written a book called Design Is A Job through the List Apart/Book Apart series.  I’m ordering a copy – seems like a must-read for independent designers and creatives.  And if you haven’t seen it (and even if you have, it’s so worth a revisit), check out Monteiro’s San Fran Creative Mornings presentation F*ck You. Pay Me.

PS – have you seen the World’s Longest Invoice

I love Aaron James Draplin

25 April 2012 | 0 Comments

I’ve been a fan of graphic designer Aaron James Draplin ever since the release of Field Notes a few years ago.  For the last two days, I’ve been hanging out at the FITC conference in Toronto (c/o Ladies Learning Code – thanks ladies!).  The definite highlight so far has been Draplin’s talk.  I don’t know if it was recorded, and if it was, I’ll try to hunt down a video link for you.  You can watch this talk he gave at Creative Mornings Portland though, and while not identical, a lot of it is the same.

I’m short on time at the moment (writing this in between FITC events), but I wanted to share the “Canada Collected” poster (above) that Draplin designed and printed.  Cool, huh?  I bought one from him yesterday.  Now I just have to decide where to hang it…

Awesome Business Stamp

18 April 2012 | 0 Comments

Designer/Illustrator Mikey Burton made these awesome “inspector stamps” for his business.  Now you can too, courtesy of Cranky Pressman.  I would love to have one of these, and go around stamping random things. Napkins, receipts, whatever.

Pretty Paperweights

2 February 2012 | 0 Comments

You may remember me writing about Dana Tanamachi about a year ago – I love her chalk lettering. In the last year, she’s done a lot of cool stuff, including the lettering for the cover of this month’s Oprah magazine. She now has a line of paperweights for West Elm. I think paperweights are kind of useless – but they’re sooooooo pretty.  I want one.

[via Uppercase]

Eli, no!

17 October 2011 | 0 Comments

One of my favourite illustrator/designers, Katie Kirk of Eight Hour Day, has published a children’s book.  Called Eli, No!, it’s about her dog and his troublemaking antics.  It looks adorable.

Nerd Prints – Susan Kare posters

23 June 2011 | 0 Comments

If you don’t know who Susan Kare is, I’m sure you know her work.  Remember these old-school software icons from Macintosh?  She designed them.  Telegramme is now carrying a bunch of prints of her classic icons.  I’d love to get the “smiling computer” one (above) for my office.

Beer Craft

2 June 2011 | 0 Comments

I saw this post on Cool Hunting about a new book called Beer Craft, and I immediately sent it to Ian.  Ian’s been into home-brewing for a while now, and has created a few tasty beers in our basement (yep, I was totally skeptical at first, but seriously, they’re good!)

This book looks rad – Ian says the content is really good, and I love the design.  It was written/created by a couple – he’s a beer critic, and she’s a designer.  How awesome is that?  I think we need this book at our house, so I’m adding it to my online shopping cart right now…

The Year of Color by Kate Spade

20 January 2011 | 0 Comments

Don’t you just love Kate Spade?  Lately I find that Ms. Spade and Jonathan Adler are my biggest sources of design inspiration.  Both are so good at working with bright colours in a way that looks chic and stylish, and not childish or sloppy.

Check out Kate Spade’s Living Colorfully/The Year of Color project.  She’s choosing 12 signature shades, and unveiling a new colour each month (with accompanying limited edition prints, short films, and products, of course).  First up – red.  Just what we all need for the January blahs!

A Blog I Enjoy: Eight Hour Day

18 January 2011 | 0 Comments

Lately I’ve been really enjoying the blog from Eight Hour Day.  Eight Hour Day is the name of the design studio run by husband and wife team Nathan Strandberg and Katie Kirk.  They do really cool design and illustration, and their projects include websites, posters, branding, and even a children’s book.  Oh yeah, and of course their own website is as gorgeous as everything else they do.

And as if that wasn’t already cool enough, they decided to take a year to travel across the States, setting up camp and working along the way.  More on that here.

But anyway, back to the blog.  They do a regular thing called “The Best Thing I Saw Today” and both Strandberg and Kirk post an image of something they saw and liked.  It’s inspiring.

Daily Drop Cap Prints

5 August 2010 | 0 Comments

You may remember a few months ago when I wrote about my love for type designer and illustrator Jessica Hische.  She just announced that letterpress prints of her amazing Daily Drop Cap series are available for sale through her online store.

At just $40 each, you can get a bunch.  I would love to have an A and an I for me and the mister.  But I suspect Ian might not like the I.  Oh well, maybe just one for me then!