Awesome Toddler Travel Bed Solution

17 July 2013 | 0 Comments


We travel a fair bit with our daughter Clara, and she does lots of sleepovers away from home.  Up until she was 2 years old, we swore by the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib – we took it everywhere.  Grandparents’ houses, friends’ houses, on the plane to NYC, on the plane to Florida… it was THE BEST.

But then Clara outgrew it.  And we were a bit baffled as to what to do next… she’s still too small to sleep in a big bed all on her own, but she’s too tall for her travel crib.  Solution – The Shrunks!  Silly name, I know, but they’re an amazing company that makes inflatable toddler beds and inflatable bed bolster/ bed rails.  After much hemming and hawing about which one to get, we decided to get two inflatable bolsters, instead of the full inflatable bed.  That way, we can put them on any bed (think: hotel room, guest bedroom, etc). We might even start using them at home.

Also, the bed bolster/ bed rails are small and easy to pack.  If we’re going somewhere that doesn’t have a bed that we can use, we bring a normal air mattress, and put The Shrunks bed bolsters / rails on that.  The picture above left is of Clara, totally passed out, sleeping on a normal blow up bed with the bed bolsters on either side.  When you put a fitted sheet over the whole thing, they don’t move. Clara is so cozy – she loves it!  (that’s not Clara in the picture at the right – that’s a promo image from The Shrunks website, to show how the bed bolsters work)

We bought two bed bolster/bed rails from Snugglebugz online, and got free shipping.  Done and done.  Note: the packaging looks like there are two in the box, but there’s only one.  So if you want two, get two boxes.

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