5 tech gadgets to help make parenting young children easier

26 October 2018 | 0 Comments

In one of my favourite recent segments on CTV Your Morning, I highlighted 5 gadgets that can help make parenting young children easier. I love all of these devices! Watch the clip online here, and here’s more info on each product, below.

1. Toddlermonitor
Toddlermonitor is a toddler-friendly baby monitor. It hangs on a doorknob and alerts parents if their child leaves their bedroom. It senses the motion of the door, and sends an alert to the parents’ smartphone via Bluetooth. Toddlermonitor was created by two moms from Calgary who designed this product after one of their son’s escaped from his room and their home when he was only 2. They were using a video monitor at the time but it didn’t alert them. It can hang on any type of door and can be moved without installation, making it perfect for travel. Toddlermonitor keeps it’s charge for 7 – 10 days.

2. Thermo by Withings
Thermo is a remarkably accurate, easy-to-use smart thermometer. It can track the temperature readings of up to 8 users, it has color-coded fever indicators, and the batteries last up to 2 years. Sync it with the dedicated app on your smartphone, and you can track temperature readings and input related symptoms and medications. That’s a game changer for parents who can’t remember exactly how long it’s been since medication was given, or how a fever is progressing over time.

3. Groclock 
Groclock solves the problem of your child not knowing what time is appropriate for getting out of bed, especially when they can’t tell time! Parents set an appropriate time for when kids can get up (for both overnight sleeps and for daytime naps). The Groclock then uses fun images of the stars and sun to communicate when to go back to sleep and when it’s time to leave bed. It also has a digital clock, so older kids can learn to tell time along with the “stars to sun” countdown.

4. Playbrush 
Getting young children to brush their teeth can feel like pulling teeth. Playbrush turns teeth brushing time into playtime. Playbrush connects to a smartphone app featuring fun games. During each 2-minute adventure, the gaming apps encourage children to brush at the correct speed and equally within all quadrants of the mouth. Choose from the Playbrush Smart (which can be attached to any manual toothbrush), or the Playbrush Smart Sonic electric toothbrush. The Playbrush app comes with 4 free games and a brushing coach, and you can upgrade to the games subscription for even more brushing adventures. The subscription also allows parents to monitor your children’s brushing in the parents app.

5. Circle Home 
Circle makes you the master of your home’s WiFi and every device connected to the internet. It easily connects to your home’s WiFi network and doesn’t require you to install any software on the actual devices themselves. With Circle, you can set time limits for apps and web sites, finally getting online time in check. You can also set up age-appropriate filters that apply to all their devices. Set bed times for each family member, use off times to create unplugged moments during the week, even pause the internet with the tap of a finger.

Would you buy furniture online without trying it out first?

21 October 2018 | 0 Comments

Ian and I bought a sectional sofa and armchair at Sears when we first moved in together, over 13 years ago. They moved with us from our apartment to our house, and are still in our living room (pictured above). We live on that furniture. The sofa and chair have been covered in dog hair, baby spit-up, and more spills than I can count. And they’re starting to look really dated and shabby. I think it’s finally time to say goodbye and get a new sofa and chair.

We’ve gone to Ikea, CB2, Structube and all the other spots for (relatively) inexpensive, stylish furniture. So far nothing has caught our eye. I’m starting to browse online furniture shops, like Wayfair (including their style sister site, AllModern) and Article. I’m loving some of the pieces, like this sofa and this armchair.

But the thought of buying a sofa and chair without actually sitting on it first seems kind of crazy to me. Would you do it? Have you done it? Let me know!


A jaw-droppingly gorgeous chalet rental in Quebec

23 September 2018 | 0 Comments

Now that the weather is starting to get a little cooler, I’m dreaming of cozy cabins and chalets to rent this winter. This spot in Charlevoix, Quebec is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Wouldn’t you love to get a group together (the chalet sleeps 12) and watch the snow come down while sipping bubbly in that hot tub? And then pile on the big couch for a tasty meal followed by a movie? Bookmarked.

The totally oddball and wonderful show I just binge-watched on Prime

17 September 2018 | 0 Comments

The new show Forever just debuted on Amazon Prime and we binge-watched it this weekend. It’s from Alan Yang (Master of None) and Matt Hubbard (30 Rock, Parks and Recreation). The show is a drama / comedy, and if you’re a fan of Master of None, I think you’ll see a lot of similarities with Forever.

The show’s creators asked press to not mention anything about the plot twists, so I didn’t know much about the show when watching it. I just said to Ian on Saturday night, “this might be interesting, and it has great actors (Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen). Let’s try an episode or two and see how it goes.” We were hooked.

I won’t give anything away, because it really is easy to spoil the plot. You can watch the trailer for Forever online here, but I encourage you to just dive in, and let me know what you thought in the comments.



I was a model for a day

15 September 2018 | 0 Comments

Do you know Smithery? They’re an e-boutique specializing in flattering clothing for all body types. Figure out your body type (I’m an “O”) and then shop threads that will look amazing on YOU. What a great concept! I was so pleased to take part in their fall fashion shoot recently as a “Stylesmith real world model” with other phenomenal women entrepreneurs including: Kena Paranjape, founder of All You Are and co-founder of Brika; Shay Benedict, owner of Surfing Ninjas Clothing; Emily Arbour, owner of Cheerfully Made; and Kelsi, former pro athlete and influencer. Our photos were taken by Emily of Emily D Photography.

There was one outfit from our photo shoot (top photo, above) that I loved so much, I bought the whole look. It’s this elegantly casual sweater by Esqualo and the super comfy stretch skinny jeans by Up! Now if only the weather would turn colder so I can get cozy in my new duds.

You can shop the Smithery online, or visit their showrooms in Toronto and Whitby for a style session or sip and click. Details here.

Here’s something fun for you: a promo code for a free style session or “sip and click” at Smithery. That’s private styling in the no-pressure atmosphere of the Smithery studio complete with body shape consults, styling tricks, and bubbly. Use promo code STYLEMEFORFALL to claim the free session. Also, if you book your sesh before September 30 (the session can take place any time until November 30), you’ll be entered into a draw to win a $150 gift card to spend online or at your style session. Get on it!

Disclosure: I volunteered to participate in Smithery’s photo shoot because I like supporting women-owned local businesses. I was given a $200 gift card afterwards (which I spent on the jeans and sweater pictured above). 

A weekend in NYC with a 7-year old

25 August 2018 | 0 Comments

Last weekend, Clara (age 7) and I went to New York City on a special trip, just the two of us. I travel to NYC often for work, but it’s been a while since I was there for fun. We had the best time. Here are a few recommendations for NYC with kids:

Stay central. Midtown Manhattan isn’t my first choice neighbourhood in NYC, but it made sense to stay there so we’d have easy access to the things we wanted to do (visiting Central Park and seeing a musical were at the top of Clara’s must-do list). I trawled a bunch of hotel booking sites for a week before I found a good deal on the Hyatt Grand Central, which is right next to Grand Central Terminal. Perfect location for a home base.

Boats are fun for all ages. Clara really wanted to go to the Statue of Liberty, but I didn’t know you have to book far in advance to get tickets to the pedestal or the crown. So instead we booked a boat cruise that got us close to the Statue so she could see it, but we didn’t actually have to get off. I highly recommend Classic Harbour Line boat cruises. We did their Statue and Sights cruise aboard a gorgeous ’20s style yacht. Boats are so fun for exploring, and seeing the city from the water was exciting. Best part – it wasn’t packed with people so we had a lot of room to ourselves.

Take them somewhere secret. Clara and I had a special moment in Grand Central Terminal when I introduced her to The Whispering Gallery. I explained that it’s a secret, which made it very interesting to a 7-year old. There are no signs, so you have to be ‘in the know’ to know it’s there. Here’s a list of other NYC secret spots.

The Central Park Zoo is a gem. Unlike some zoos in other cities that go on and on for miles, the Central Park Zoo is perfectly compact. You can easily see it all in 1-2 hours. Don’t miss the sea lion feeding – it’s very entertaining. After the zoo it’s a quick walk to the Central Park Carousel, which just feels magical for kids of all ages. Splurge a extra $3 to ride the carousel yourself along with your kids. That way you can see their delighted faces up close.

See a show, and then meet the actors. Clara really wanted to see a musical, so I picked School of Rock for a few reasons. She had seen the movie and the Netflix TV show so she’s familiar with the plot, tickets weren’t insanely expensive or hard to obtain, and the show features a lot of child performers. I learned from taking Clara to Matilda in Toronto that it’s super special for kids to see other kids on stage. School of Rock was funny and we both loved it. After the show we went to the stage door and met some of the actors as they were leaving. Many of them autographed Clara’s playbill, and she thought it was just so cool. Especially saying hello to the kid performers. She was totally starstruck.

PS: See a few more photos from our weekend on my Instagram.


Do you subscribe to email newsletters?

9 August 2018 | 0 Comments

Do you subscribe to email newsletters? I’m not talking about promotional emails from companies (although those can be good too). I mean a daily or weekly newsletter with news, or thoughts from someone you like to hear from.

I get The Skimm for a quick news hit every morning (but I don’t always read it every day). I’ve also stared getting Pressed News for the same (morning news hit). In the afternoons I get Sarah Lacy’s Chairman Mom daily newsletter and Dave Pell’s NextDraft list of the top 10 compelling stories he’s found that day.

Two weekly newsletters I open each and every week: Sarah Stockdale’s feminist culture and comedy newsletter We Need to Talk About This and Jocelyn K. Glei’s weekly newsletter of her thoughts and links to articles and books she recommends.

Which ones do you read?

Great summer reads

7 August 2018 | 0 Comments

I have been actively trying to read more fiction this summer, purely for the enjoyment of it. It feels like such an indulgence and makes me happy.

I’ve recently enjoyed Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and An Ocean of Minutes (although it nearly broke my heart, it was worth it). What are you reading this summer? Have you read Crazy Rich Asians? I can’t wait for the movie.




Trip planning tip: make your own Google Map

24 June 2018 | 0 Comments

We leave for Scotland in one week (huzzah!) so I’m deep in last minute trip planning mode. One way I keep track of all the restaurants, attractions and things we want to hit is by making a custom Google Map. It’s really easy to do – go to Google’s My Maps tool and create a map. Start searching and dropping pins. You can colour code and categorize them. You can invite others to collaborate on the map, and also share a view-only link.

If you want to see some of our plans for this Scotland trip, check out the map I’ve made here. And to check out our travels, follow along on my Instagram.

36 hours in Asheville, North Carolina

10 June 2018 | 0 Comments

Ian had a milestone birthday last month, and to celebrate, we went on a little getaway. Ian has wanted to visit Asheville, North Carolina for a while. For those that don’t know about craft beer, it sounds like an odd choice for a destination… but the small mountain town has 28 (!) craft breweries. Visiting Asheville is a pilgrimage for Ian, who loves craft brewing.

I coordinated all the details for a 2-night getaway, and wasn’t going to tell Ian where we were going until we got to the airport. But a few days before the trip I noticed that he wasn’t getting excited because he had no idea where we were headed. So I decided to tell him so he could do some reading online and prepare. As much as I loved the idea of making the trip a true surprise, I realized that I was robbing Ian of the fun of anticipation. So I spilled the beans. He was so excited!

We flew from Toronto to Atlanta, and then on to the little regional airport in Asheville. There is Uber in Asheville, and the downtown area is walkable. But if you want to venture further out, I recommend getting a rental car at the airport.

After dropping our bags at an adorable Airbnb, we drove to the Grove Park Inn for a drink on their impressive stone patio, with views out to the Blue Ridge mountains. Asheville is steeped in history, and that includes the Grove Park. It has been a stylish destination for dignitaries, celebrities and artists for decades. It’s where F. Scott Fitzgerald stayed when visiting his beloved Zelda while she was in a sanatorium in Asheville. After our drinks, we wandered around the hotel, looking at century-old photos and the gorgeous Arts and Craft style architecture and furnishings.

We left the Grove Park and drove to Sierra Nevada’s new North Carolina brewing facility, where they have an onsite brew pub. We ate outside, savouring the sweet, warm air as I had a half-pint (I was driving) and Ian enjoyed some beer tastings. Sierra Nevada is family friendly (there’s a little playground and sandbox on site), and dog-friendly. It has a super chill vibe with a giant outdoor fire pit and Adirondack chairs.

The next morning we toured the Biltmore Estate. It’s HUGE and beautifully restored. The audio tour of the manor takes a couple hours, and then we walked around the gardens. There were glass sculpture installations by Dale Chihuly all around the Estate. Gorgeous!

That took us into the early afternoon, so we headed back to downtown Asheville for a late lunch at Asheville Brewing Company. They make tasty pizzas and serve them to you on picnic tables in their covered patio area. Is there anything better than pizza and beer? After lunch we had a little nap and then it was time to start our epic beer crawl.

Many of the breweries in Asheville are walking distance from each other, in the South Slope neighbourhood. We planned our route so we’d start at one end, hitting as many spots as we could handle, moving downhill the whole way (the neighbourhood isn’t called South Slope for nothing – it’s hilly). We hit up Hi-Wire, Bhramari, and Wicked Weed for delicious and innovative brews.

By the time we got to Catawba, we were hungry again. Luckily it’s next door to Buxton Hall BBQ, and you can place a take-out order and then bring the food over to the brewery to eat with your beers. I know I said there’s nothing better than pizza and beer. Except for North Carolina BBQ and beer. That is perfection. We continued on to Green Man and Burial Beer Co. before I tapped out. A short Uber ride took us back to our Airbnb, where we relaxed on the cozy screened porch before calling it a night.

The next morning we caught our flights home from Asheville to Atlanta and back to Toronto. We probably could have used another day in Asheville to explore more, but the 36 hours we had really were fantastic. A birthday trip neither of us will forget.